Thursday, May 5, 2016

Hammerhead cover; Sea Hornet girl; sharks in the news

Hammerhead shark, Coolangatta Beach, Queensland  (John Harding) © 1966, 2016

Model Sandra Greentree (John Harding)

Vic Ley (Valerie Taylor with John Harding's camera)

Pages 8 to 20 Sharks Special. Ron Taylor story; Hammerheads, White Pointer; Whaler, Tiger, Whale shark.

Originally published in Ron Taylor's column The Sunday Telegraph 1965

Hammerhead from "Aquarius" at Point Lookout  (John Harding)

Still frames from first underwater footage of Great White Shark 1966 (Ron Taylor)

Photography by Ron Taylor and John Harding (centre)

Photography by John Harding and Ron Taylor (far right)

(John Harding photography)

Whaler sharks now include the newly named Bull sharks

Ron Taylor and John Harding photography

Ron Taylor photography

John Harding photography

Peter Kemp interview, antique bottles; WWII air wreck; lobster recipe; Grey Nurse sharks

Ken daVico at Kapingamarangi lagoon - see Fathom No.1   (John Harding)


Pages 32 to 39 Reef sharks; Wobbegong, Leopard, Port Jackson; Val Taylor macro shots

Wobbegong at rest (John Harding)

Macro's courtesy Valerie Taylor

USFA competition; Stone fish; Undersee Products; Ron Isbel of Sea Hunt (boat)

Photography by John Harding

Courtesy Robert Endean PhD  University of Queensland

Alan Badger at Watsons Bay, NSW  (John Harding)

Courtesy Walt Deas

Sea Hunt at Heron Island (John Harding)

Valerie Taylor in bubbles (John Harding)